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April 5, 2015

Expect Nada, Get Todo

Well, I certainly wasn't expecting to quit my brand new job. The job that I cried actual tears of joy over getting just three months ago. Oops!

Mark this the year of thoroughly defied expectations.

The funniest part is that despite my hard stop on thinking further ahead than tomorrow or having any sort of life expectations, plenty of unexpected good is happening. Why did I ever waste time thinking about the future? Haha :P

The one thing you should always expect is that things will work out just how they were meant to.

This is all to preface why I unexpectedly quit my new job. I was fine with the grocery store job and wasn't looking for anything new. Then one day out of the blue, the company I've been consulting for offered me a full time position - with a weekend to decide. It took me a couple days to accept that I was going to upset people, but ultimately it's my weird life to live and I don't know how long I'm going to be in eff-it, gimme-all-the-new-things mode.

Sooo I just finished my second full week with Power Supply in DC, and I could not be happier! It's already by far the best job I've ever had. Strawberry picking at age 14 was a CLOSE second, it just wasn't quite as inspiring at the end of the day. :P

I've only begun to scratch the surface of the work to be done, but it barely feels like work. Among the many benefits, like all the free delicious healthy food I can fit into my belly, this is the work space:


All of my coworkers are brilliant and inspiring and kind and hilarious.  I'm actually afraid to say how extraordinarily happy I am because jinx is very real thing. But I'm pretttty happy haha.

Ok on to fun. I had a week of true funemployment between the jobs, but all of the past 2 months have been excellent. First, I brewed my own IPA!

The mash.
The hops. NOM.
The boil.
The snow cooling.
The fermenting.
The beer!

It wasn't terrible, but it'd be a stretch to say it was good. Womp.

I drank lots of other people's much better brews at DC Brau, Atlas, Bluejacket and Denizens in DC...


And Brooklyn Brewery in NY.

In NY I also saw friends, ate life-changing macarons,

and ran in the always lovely Hoboken.

Back in DC, my mom came to visit! She helped beautify my space:

And then we hit the wineries.

I've also consumed many pretty things with friends:

Gotten hooked on Nike Georgetown workouts:

Had $2100 and 4 days worth of repairs done on Walter after I found him like this in a parking garage:

Watched fireworks:

And finally met the world's sweetest little guy!

Sadly, the feeling was not mutual :(

And lastly, I've spent the majority of my time trying not to strangle my dog. Piper is now a testy and rebellious 9 months. In the blink of an eye she went from my sweet, 15 lb best friend to 55 lbs of terror.

We are definitely in a rough patch. It's hard to describe because she's so lovey and nice around everyone else.

For example, totally smitten and sweet with Allison.

But I can't find enough time in the day for her to expend even a fraction of her energy. We're at the dog park for an hour on most days...

Or playing in the woods...

...until she started running away. Now the woods are not an option.

We have scheduled and impromptu play dates with her friends...

Piper and Chester
Piper and Milo

Piper and Chewie

I take the Derp on runs...

And lots of long walks...

But despite my efforts, she doesn't stop whining, nudging me with toys and biting my hands all night when I'm trying to do work. Walks are a combination of lunging at every creature we encounter and/or refusing to move so I end up literally dragging her home.

This has become the most desirable, unobtainable thing in my life: 

And Piper wants nothing to do with me. She wants other people, other dogs and food.

She also figured out how to get out of her crate. Instead of just enjoying the freedom, she destroys as much as possible before I get home. I opened the door to this two days in a row before I started pushing her crate against the wall:

Guilty in the corner.

Then the little Houdini somehow moved the crate away from the wall, escaped and did it a third time!

AHHHH! I'm trying to remember that she is the equivalent of a 5 year old child. Everyone tells me she will calm down eventually, and that of course she loves me. I guess if I can refrain from strangling her, time will tell.

So, to be consistent with her updates, at 9 months...

Piper is great at:
-car rides (basically the only time we are friends)
-sleeping in
-protecting us from all the noisy dangers outside
-catching popcorn...

Piper is working on:
-staying in her crate
-not chewing everything into pieces
-walking during her walks
-not whining incessantly for no reason when mom is doing work
-not begging and standing right under mom's feet any time she cooks or eats anything
-not pooping twice every time mom only brings one bag
-coming when she is called

Piper loves:
-the dog park
-squirrels and birds
-small, tan dogs (its kinda weird)
-her buddies Milo, Yaz, Chester, Pokey, Muppet and Chewie
-having visitors

Piper hates:
-being left alone
-leaving the dog park
-the vacuum
-her mom...

I still believe in her though and am hopeful that we'll get over this hump soon. She just didn't get the memo that everything else in life is going so well.

Haha byEeEe!

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  1. I can't with the Piper pictures! I'm sure the craziness is a phase... but hopefully her love for me is long lasting.