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December 14, 2014

Adventures of Piper: Coming of Age

Warning: this post is almost entirely about Piper.  Not that my life isn't almost entirely about Piper, but it's just 8,000 pictures of the same [cute] dog.

I feel like I looked away for one second and missed the rest of her puppyhood. I've been meaning to write this update for ages - we skipped right over the 4 and 5 month marks and she's now a week shy of 6 months old! Teenager status.

At the vet this week, she weighed in at 37 pounds! She is officially cleared of all illnesses (!) and up to date on her vaccinations. The vet went so far as to say she looks perfect. I don't know if I've ever received a higher compliment in my life. :P

Months 4 and 5 have been the puppy equivalent of teenagehood. We had a rough couple weeks where she chewed completely through a lamp cord, had multiple accidents, ran away, started jumping on people and became a beggar.

But the girl has had 3 homes in the short time that I've had her, and who knows how many before that. Every couple weeks we've been packing up and driving 300 miles to somewhere new. Once we actually live somewhere and I can establish consistent rules, I will demand perfection. :P

She's still having lots of firsts! The most exciting by far has been her first snow.

Stand off

She loves to run around in it with her buddy Baron. She's getting so much faster! 

Speaking of snow, I forgot how beautiful it is upstate. DC seasons are so muted.

She had another first going through the car wash. Ha.

And her first Christmas tree! She's pumped to have a fun new bowl to drink pine-flavored water from.

She has also been practicing her animal impressions. First there was the chupacabra:

And now the kangaroo:

And she's really perfecting her derpiness:

So. At almost 6 months...

Piper is great at:
-imitating her buddy Baron
-enthusiastic greetings
-barking at all the scary, dangerous things
-being loyal to her owner <3

She's working on:
-leaving the cats alone
-not rolling in smelly things
-not raiding the cat box

She loves:
-apples and frozen blueberries
-going for car rides
-rakes and shovels

She hates:
-when people leave and she has to stay
-dancing, singing Santa decorations
-when the cats sit just out of her reach

The bit of time I've spent sans Piper included a NY visit for some hockey:

A baby shower for this girl:

All the leftover Thanksgiving desserts with this girl:

Pumpkin oatmeal cookies:

Sweet potato pie:

Lots of hours in the kitchen with my dad:

Stuffed pork
I'm seeing salads in my sleep.

I think I might be more of a hindrance than a help...

But it's been soooo nice to feel useful.  I also went rogue and dyed my hair for the first time ever. 

Very partial highlights that you can only see from above haha.

Off the deep end, I know. 

In DC for the next week and I left Piper behind. This was the goodbye look I got:

She's better off in NY but is totally going to forget about me. :_(


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