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November 2, 2014

Beauty in the Breakdown.

Well, at least it's been a thorough breakdown. On the break up: it was mutual, it was the last option, and it is just profoundly sad. (Jimmy and I threw in the towel a couple weeks ago.)

On the job: not a whisper, what the hay. So without a place to live, I came crawling back home to New York. I left my things with family in Virginia, and will head back down (or elsewhere) as soon as someone feels like employing me.

I feel scattered and pretty inept at life.  But this "welcome-home-poor-unemployed-lonely-homeless-27-year-old-bum" gift from my mom I know to be true:

And the world will start to make sense again soon. I certainly came to the right place to find the beauty in it!

When not barking at trucks, sweet, oblivious Piper slept soundly the whole ride home.

She is having the time of her life in NY, which cheers me up everyday. She gets to run free!

And plays all day with her uncle Baron!

Baron could end Piper in one bite, but she is the boss in this relationship.

Aside from watching dogs, I've picked a bunch of apples and pumpkins and made some stuff.

Apple butter
Pumpkin butter
Caramel Apple Cheesecake Bars

And spent a weekend in Pittsburgh for a Steelers game with my dad and sister! We couldn't have asked for a more epic day in and out of Heinz Field.


The rest of the time, I'm just trying not to think too much and taking each weird day as it comes.

Lots o love from the vagabonds.

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