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August 21, 2014

Walter goes to NY!

This is mostly just a photo dump of Walter's first trip to New York.  

In our 7,000 miles together (somehow already), we had yet to make the pilgrimage home! I LOVE being in NY. Sadly, Walter hated everything about it. 

First, we set a new record for the slowest trip home ever. For 9.5 hours, we sat in beltway traffic, crash traffic, and construction-down-to-one-lane traffic. For the first 6 hours of the trip, every northbound road was a most infuriating dashed red.

I listened to Sam Smith's album 6 times and ate probably 10 pounds of Wegmans trail mix. Walter and I got very, very tired of each other.

A couple days later, I took him through his first car wash. 

But after the wash, I discovered that at some point on the drive home, a bird had flown into the grill, gotten stuck and died trying to escape out the bottom of the car.

So my mom's boyfriend had to pull it out, which ripped it apart, which made my mom throw up. Walter was so embarrassed.

Then, once he was free of dead animals, I took him to see my dad's brand new civic. It was love at first sight!

Don't know why this picture is 2 shades.
But right away, my dad noticed a big dent in Walter that I'd never seen before. And when we drove away and realized how few times the cars will see each other during my dad's 3 year lease and we got really sad. And Walter decided that he officially hated NY.

I, on the other hand, had a wonderful time. I soaked up as much cool, clean air and silence as I could:

Befriended the world's goofiest doberman:

Obsessed over gorgeous produce at the farmer's market:

Cooked all the things:

And caught up on some old news. (A WW2 vet was visiting!)

Nutrition in 1942!!  :D

I'm confused by so many ellipses...?

I made a pit stop near the city on the way back to learn some things for work, and then it torrentially poured the entire way back to DC. Walter was so over it.

A couple other random noteworthy things - Virginia winery tour for one of Aeriel's last weekends:

Random fireworks on a Friday in August:

Gluten free focaccia because I was bored:

And one of the last happy moments at work...

Because we found out Monday that the store is closing and we've all lost our jobs.  :(


I have 3 weeks to figure out what's next!

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