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February 7, 2014

Winter Weekend Getaway

August 13, 2013

One of the biggest downsides to spending a summer in Addis Ababa is that it's actually winter in East Africa. And winter is rainy season, which means it pours for half the day every day, temperatures are in the low 50s, the sky is always gray, and the entire city is just a cold, wet, mud pit. I've never craved a beach so badly in my life!

This weekend, I got a taste of the "summer" I am missing with an overnight trip to the town of Debre Zeit. This town is home to several lake resorts, which sounded like a perfect and necessary escape to me and a few friends.

We took a series of minibuses to get to Debre Zeit, and after bargaining for decent hotel rooms and dropping our bags, we headed straight for the most well-known resort, called Kuriftu. It's set on the edge of a small lake:

And had kayaks:

A pool:


And broccoli!!! 

After lunch, we spent the afternoon lounging on outdoor beds:

Reading and sipping mojitos:

I took a chance on this ice because it was a popular ferengi resort.
It was pretty close to a fabulous normal summer vacation day. The rain held off until evening when we headed back into town for dinner.

We followed a similar schedule on Sunday, heading first to a public lake site for breakfast.

After breakfast, we walked around the lake to a different resort. Walking in Ethiopia is always an adventure:

I think a cow and donkey got together:

A little boy was following us through the field, but got camera shy:

Until his buddy joined.

At resort number 2, we spent a few hours at a table by the lake:

Drinking macchiatos:

Mixed juices:

Until the clouds rolled in and we bid farewell to the blissful quiet and warmth of Debre Zeit.

Overall, it was a perfect little weekend escape from Addis. Thank you to my Canadian friends for organizing! :)

This Friday, I fly to Nairobi for my final African adventure: a SAFARI!  I will spend 5 days camping in the Masai Mara game reserve, sleeping among lions and zebras and elephants... oh my! I don't think there words exist to describe my level of excitement about this. I'll be off the grid while out there, so talk to you when I return from what will truly be the adventure of a lifetime!

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