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February 5, 2014

The Office

June 6, 2013

Hello from day 3 in Ethiopia!

I haven’t been able to do much at work yet and the internet is decent, so I figured it would be a good time for another post. I woke up with pretty normal energy levels today so I explored the office building and took some photos.

My boss Abiy has been giving me a ride to work while I’m staying at the hotel, and today we made a pit stop at the best coffee shop in town, called Tomoca. The coffee in Ethiopia is dark and thick and comes in tiny espresso cups. You can drink it black, called buna, or with milk, called macchiato. There is a lot of Italian influence leftover from when the Italians occupied Ethiopia in the 1930s, so some of the words and foods are the same. The word for goodbye is ciao

I had lunch in the work cafeteria today and the menu was lasagna, salad (salata), rice (ruz), and local (habesha) bread.  Habesha means traditional Ethiopian, or local. Us non-habeshas are called ferengis.  After lunch, my co-workers Solomon and Etsub and I went to a little coffee shop on our street, called Peach, and sat on little plastic stools around a little plastic table for a buna. These are the shops:

And this is the buna – this one was big! They said that’s why they like to go to this place:

There's a new school near the office that is accepting enrollment for the 2006 school year, which is what this sign says. Because right now it’s May of 2005 in the Ethiopian calendar.

I’m just about to graduate high school! Haha.

After the coffee, we walked back down the street to the office:

First sight of donkeys! Ethiopia has the second highest population of donkeys in the world, topped only by China.

The office with Etsub in the corner :P

And inside:

This is the cafeteria, out the back of the building. There's a nice handwashing station on the right edge :)

I kept walking up the stairs for a better view and discovered a roof with views of the whole city!

And thumbs up cause I’m doing fine!

I’m sure I’m going to have some stomach issues soon (every ferengi does), and I’m obviously still incredibly homesick, need a safe place to live, and haven’t exercised since Sunday, but successfully making it through each day is plenty for me right now.  :)

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