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February 5, 2014


June 23, 2013

At home, joining “a drinking group with a running problem” is not something that fits easily into my schedule. Many days are planned down to the minute and the limited time for exercise has to count! In Addis, life is a little more flexible and having fun with new people is far more important than a perfect workout.

So on Saturday afternoon, I joined the Addis hashers! A group of 30 runners met at the Hilton and caravanned to a spot a few miles outside the city. We ran about 5k, following a paper trail that had been laid out the night before. The run is very relaxed with a lot of stop and go – which was perfect since I ran with my bulky camera. It was uncomfortable, but as my first time out of the city, I couldn’t miss the new sights!


These skulls are actually common on the city streets as well, but I don't feel as free to photograph them there.

Scary, bouncy, untrustworthy bridge:

But crossing was worth it for the view:

Immediately following the run, we popped some bottles. Hopkins classmate Michelle arrived in Addis last week and her hostel-mate Emile joined us on the run. Cheers to Ethiopia!

Once everyone returned from the run, we sang and danced silly songs in a circle.

We were kind of a spectacle:

I will definitely be hashing again while in Addis. It was nice to breathe clean air, exercise outside, and spend an afternoon with some of the craziest people I’ve ever met.

It was also interesting to see a "suburb” of Addis.

There is massive amounts of construction in and outside of Addis.  The city is expanding and changing so rapidly, it will be unrecognizable in a few years!

Tonight I’m going to a traditional Ethiopian dinner and dance for Michelle’s birthday. Will share that experience next time! :)

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