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February 7, 2014

An Everyday African Update

August 3, 2013

It's August 3! Guess what that means? I have exactly one month left in Ethiopia! While I'm uber excited to go home, my biggest fear is leaving feeling like I didn't make the most of this opportunity.  I do have some plans in the works though, including a weekend trip and a safari in Kenya!!  : )

I've been uninspired to blog since I returned because I haven't done anything interesting. Thanks to Jimmy for reminding me today that I'm in Africa, which is interesting by default. And now that I have a new iphone, I can inconspicuously take photos of things I haven't shown you!

I left off in Adama, where I spent 4 days for a work training. The drive into the city was all I saw of it since we didn't leave the hotel.

But the entire trip was made by spotting baboons on the side of the road (!!):

The purpose of the training was to teach master trainers how to train community change agents to facilitate community conversations on maternal and young child nutrition. I was impressed at how focused and committed the master trainers were, and it was nice to finally see the project in action!

The hotel we stayed at was comfortable:

And the roasted barley and peanut snacks (called kolo) were plentiful.

Aside from my jet lag, it was a really productive trip!

This past week back in Addis has been pretty standard. I've had a few macchiatos...

Said goodbye to departing friend Veronica over jazz music :(

Brought flowers and cake to my co-worker's house to celebrate his new baby,

And ate genfo, a thick mixed-grain porridge with oil and berbere (pepper spice) for dipping. It is the traditional dish to serve guests who come to see your new baby. Outside of Addis, it's eaten with your fingers.

Solomon, the proud new dad!

I've also documented some of my daily views. The main Bole road:

The walk through my hood:

Street dogs in my neighborhood avoiding the rain:

Random piles of stuff everywhere:

Long, dreary minibus rides:

The gym!

Finally, to cap off this restful week (aka boring post), my housemate Steph and I made a brunch of banana pancakes, fresh mango mimosas, and hand-ground French press coffee:

It has been nice to have a low key week after so much traveling, but hopefully there will be something more interesting to report soon! : )

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