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February 2, 2014

A Blog Reborn

Hello friend!!! Welcome to the new Instinctivore!

Man oh man, what a few weeks! First, let me explain the blog's rebirth.

At the end of December, the company I was hosting my blog with had a disk failure. They were unsure if they would be able to recover any of my data. After a month of back and forth, I was finally notified that everything was lost. As in the past 4 YEARS of posts and photos just gone.  R.I.P Instinctivore. :_(

As upsetting as it was at first, I've realized that a fresh start might not be a bad thing. The only posts I cared about losing were those from Ethiopia, and luckily the text from posts back to 2012 is saved in the Wordpress app on my phone. I can treat this as a blog cleanse, repost only the best moments, and cut a monthly expense by switching from a crappy host to free Google blogger.

There has been so much I've wanted to talk about since the the blog crashed! I have to do a belated Christmas post, one to cover New Years, Jimmy's birthday, and polar vortex fun, and one about my spontaneous trip to Hawaii!

I just landed this morning, so must tend to my sunburn and will leave with some life status updates:

Grad school: done! I officially finished my thesis and am certified to graduate.

Job: I've applied to probably 20 jobs and heard nothing back for weeks - until, of course, 2 days before my flight to Hawaii. And then it poured. I had 2 interviews the day before I left, one in the Dallas airport during a layover, and one when I got to Hawaii. Now I have 3 more coming up this week. I'm hopeful that at least one of these turns into something because I'm about interviewed out!

Living situation: Officially moving in with Jimmy and his roomies in DC next weekend!

Puppy situation: Working on it. ;)

So happy to be back! Have a great Super Bowl!

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