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June 5, 2016

Anything but Boring

I've been having thoughts about killing my blog. Nothing too violent, I'd probably just not renew the domain and let it pass peacefully into cyber heaven. It doesn't feel like there's anything cool to share anymore! This blog spent a summer in Ethiopia, safaried in Kenya, explored Hawaii, ran two marathons, got a masters degree, was officially cured of osteoporosis after an 8-year recovery, bought my first real car, adopted a puppy, and shared so many other monumental moments.

Now I've lived in the same place for a year and a half - the longest since graduating college. I've had the same awesome job for a year and 2 months. The car has 35,000 miles, the dog is almost 2 years old. Things are starting to feel... (gasp!) stable. And stability seems boring because drastic changes and accomplishments are far and few.

But as I debated the fate of the blog, I realized that despite not setting marathon PRs or living in third world countries, I am anything but bored.

So, old friend, you live to see at least one more photographic recap of our doofy life!

I left off over Thanksgiving - how in the world?!

Starting with December: 2015's final stretch was full of weirdness and I want to skip over it. However, I did go to the beach one day to ponder my life choices and it was Piper's first time seeing the ocean!

We went to Assateague Island, which is full of wild horses. Horses on a beach were a first for both of us!

The absolute highlight was Allison asking this not-even-a-question:

Followed by hiking in the Adirondacks with my mom and Piper at Christmas:

And mood-baking Grinch cookies 😈

When I got back to DC I decided the only way I could keep living in my place was if I changed it significantly. So I spent a week painting it.

Bedroom before

Bedroom after

Main room before
Main room after

Bathroom before

Bathroom after

Kitchen before

Kitchen after

I also assembled a kitchen cart:

And got a repurposed pallet wine rack!

And then finally said good riddance to December and hello to 2016 with a fresh place and my favorite soon-to-be-Teppers.

January - the year started out with a bunch of ineffective antibiotics that culminated in a trip to the ER for a kidney infection. It was nbd though. I did work and rolled my eyes the whole time. 🙄

Also in January, Snowzilla dumped a record 2 feet of snow on DC! I don't know who left the stocking up on provisions up to me... 😜

The entire city shut down for 4 days and everyone was off, so it was actually a lot of fun!

Piper got to play free in the streets:

And shortly after the storm, I escaped to sunny California for 5 days with the best work fam of all time!

We did sunrise runs and WODs on the beach:

Ate lots of good foods:

And did a little work mixed with a lot of bonding 😊

February - there were glorious trips to the wineries where we will be witnessing nuptials this year:

Baking for Super Bowl parties:

As well as furry friends.

And the last day in February was the 365th since I first hung out with this guy. 

March - This was also kind of a milestone month. I passed my one year anniversary at Power Supply AND I officially acquired two new roomies 😉

So this is basically our lives now:

Was it Piper?

Or was it Chewie?

There was also lots of good food in March. First my roomie brought home 24 ball jars that I feel compelled to fill with 24 different things:

He also brought home a grill.

And we smoked mac and cheese:

And I made beet gnocchi:


And had dinner with Siggi of Siggi's yogurt!

In April, the cherry blossoms bloomed!

We went to Jeopardy tapings:

Allison ran her first half marathon!

And we made our first Charlottesville trip of 2016:

May was out of control. This is our wedding schedule for the year and 5 of the things were in May.

The first weekend was in Florida for Allison's family shower. There was lots of cheersing!



And relaxing:

The second weekend was in Syracuse for the wedding of my sister from another mother! Thanks Sarah & Bernard for letting us share your gorgeous day 😀

The third weekend was in Pennsylvania for Allison's Tepper shower.

And then mid-week I drove up to Newark to watch my sister crush a graduation:

The fourth weekend was in Virginia for Allison's DC shower 😊

And last weekend was the first since January that my roomie and I have been off and in the same place, and we spent it in Annapolis at the loveliest of weddings.

The best part of everything is that it's only going to get more fun! In a couple weeks it's off to another wedding, then Allisons' bachelorette weekend, the 4th of July, Allison and Frank's wedding, a week at home, a week in Ocean City, a weekend in Ithaca, another winery wedding, and then a week in ITALY.

One day a few weeks ago, my roomie spontaneously booked flights to Italy. We're going for a week in October, and there are no words to describe how excited I am. 😮 Oh em gee!

Lastly, my fur baby is about to turn TWO! She has not grown into a classy adult dog, but I've accepted that she may never do that.  

At just shy of two years...

Piper is great at:
-destroying indestructible toys
-not pulling on the leash
-giving double paw, especially when she knows you're mad
-making me laugh every day

Piper is working on:
-not lunging and growling at other dogs 
-not humping the air when she sniffs Chewie's ear  (I don't even know 😳)
-lower key greetings and entrances
-not getting in fights

Piper loves:
-both of her new roomies
-eating anything that resembles something edible
-hunting for squirrels

Piper hates:
-that she is no longer allowed to sleep on the bed
-when the humans leave
-most other dogs
-that she can't have a cat

We'll see ya maybe never. 😋